Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Okay, this was a while ago. I had lunch at soho with my sister.

The restaurant was really pretty and the food was pretty great.

Their Home-made pasta with white wine sauce
Penne carbonara with poached egg
I dislike bacon a lot, so I left it all on the plate

Salad. It was pretty damn good for a salad
After that, we went to Dylan's Cnady Bar for some sweets. It's in Onpedder in Central for only 3 weeks!

HK Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

Yupp. I went to Disney's Hollywood Hotel for lunch - buffet style. (which means eating more desserts than entrees!!)

I forgot to take pictures for the actual meal food (aka. entrees) since I was soo hungry. Anyhow, they were pretty food except for their sushi. The rice was probably stuffed into sushi rice shape, rectangle molds. The proteins were great - although I only ate a little (I don't like meat that much, I'm like a semi vegetarian =P)

So. These are the desserts I got.

Tiramisu that does not contain alcohol (probably cause its disney), though it was really good
Their new york cheesecake. Once again, it was pretty good.

Overall, the food variety was great and yes it is worth trying.